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International Honor Medical Society

IEA 2018 Events

Over 25,000 EC raised to promote health and humanity in Grenada

IEA Executive Board Spring 2018
A look back on 25 years of excellence
In 2017 IEA turned 25. A booklet marking the occasion looks back on the impact of IEA and also to the future sucesses of our members and how to get there.
Happy Down Syndrome Day
IEA supports the Grenada Down Syndrome Association
Term 5 IEA
Congratulations to all those continuing on to represent IEA in their clinical years!
Scholarship for Raelon Pierre
IEA teamed up with OSO (Orphan Student Organization) to raise funds for Raelon, a resident of Father Mulligan's home in Grenada
Diabetes Clinic - Spring 2017
For the first time, SGU students travelled to Grenville in the parish St. Andrew to hold a diabetes clinic
Dodgeball Champs - Spring 2017
Congrats to team Sofa King Cool for winning the Dodgeball Tournament
Easter Eggstravaganza
Thanks to all volunteers who helped out!
Diabetes Clinic - Spring 2017
IEA member taking blood pressure at the GARP Diabetes Clinic
IEA Talent Show - Spring 2017
Pizza eating contest

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Spring 2018 E-board

President Santiago Batista Minaya
Vice President Marissa Catalanotto
Secretary Christopher Paiva
Treasurer Brendan Stringfellow
Grand Marshal Watipa Makhumalo
Social Co-Chair Steffani Flaherty
Social Co-Chair Kaitlyn McSurdy
UHP Co-Chair Vanessa Barnwell
UHP Co-Chair Ryan Lockhart
IT Chair Gillian Woodruff
PCAG President Nagasudha Chigurupati
 Faculty Advisor Dr. Lucy Clunes 
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