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Urban Humanitarian Projects (UHP) - A Division of IEA


The mission of Urban Humanitarian Projects is to help the local Grenadian community achieve its full potential through sustainable progressions in healthcare and education, leading to an improved quality of life.


Urban Humanitarian Projects (UHP) is a nonprofit organization that St. George’s University students formed to address social and healthcare issues in Grenada. This term, UHP, in conjunction with the Iota Epsilon Alpha (IEA) International Honor Society, will once again be working together to raise funds for foundations and charities in Grenada.


We want to give back to the community that has embraced us as students and allowed us an incredible opportunity to pursue our educational goals. Thus, 100% of funds raised will be used to support different charities and causes in Grenada.


Our current projects that we are working on now and for which we need continuous support include:        
Palliative Care Association of Grenada – The Palliative Care Association of Grenada (PCAG) is a movement to bring palliative care to the island of Grenada. The committee, which is run by Dr. Mark Clunes, is currently working on accessing the current needs of palliative care in the Grenada community. With recent IRB approval, a committee of dedicated students will survey healthcare professionals, communities, and pharmacists in hopes of learning how those with terminal illnesses are taken care of on the island. With the knowledge, PCAG strives to help the communities organize a palliative care program that will be sustainable for many future generations. The goal is to help those individuals have a peaceful and comfortable final days of their life. This also helps the patient’s family during the grieving process as their loved one will be able to drift away peacefully.
UHP/Orphanage Student Organization Scholarship Program - sending academically outstanding students from Grenadian orphanages to college 
●  World Pediatric Project - providing clinical and diagnostic to children in Central American and the Caribbean
●  Dr. Sobering’s Clinical Outreach Project
This past fall, through the help of your generous donations, we were able to make the following donations:

●  World Pediatric Project ($14,000 EC) - Funded flights for 15 Grenadian children to receive pro-bono surgical procedures in St. Vincent

●  Better Dayz ($5000 EC) - Helped children ages 3-14 with school tuition and the purchasing of school supplies.

●  Exquisite Events GND ($4000 EC) - Helped fund charity event to help two families in need to rebuild their houses.

●  Purpose Driven Youth Club ($3000 EC) - Helped to buy supplies for battered women abused by their spouses in Grenada

●  Free Diabetes Clinic with Grenada Association of Retired Persons ($2,500 EC) - Donated 600 Glucose Test Strips for Glucometers

●  Grassroots Entertainment ($2500 EC) - Helped with funding to donate aid for 4 families in great need

●  Dr. Sobering’s Clinical Outreach Project ($1,200 EC) - Funded MRIs for patients with ataxia believed to have progressed to cerebellar degeneration. IEA and UHP will be acknowledged in the upcoming research posters

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