E-Board Website Bios


Quen Olivacce 

Term 5

Dayton, New Jersey, USA.

Favorite SGU memory: Climbing Mt. St. Catherine (it's the tallest mountain in Grenada!

Vice President:
Monica Goodnough
Term 5

Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, USA

Favorite SGU memory: Dancing on tables at the Brew


Chelsea Atieno Oduol
Term 5

Nairobi, Kenya

Favorite SGU memory: Sunset yoga at open Modica☀️

Emily Gerber
Term 3/4 

Melbourne, Florida, USA

Favorite SGU memory: I’ve made many amazing memories so far at SGU, but one of my favorites would definitely be visiting Concord Falls during Term 1. The scenery was incredible, and jumping into the water was so much fun! 


Grand Marshall: 

Lucas Schwartz 

Term 5

Norwalk, Connecticut, USA

Favorite SGU memory: Too many to consider, I love seeing everyone’s bright smiles at 8 AM lectures, especially Matt Chinnici’s

Grand Marshal:
Nader Haddad
Term 3/4 

Amman, Jordan

Favorite SGU memory: The first couple of weeks on campus before T1 started when everyone was still getting to know each other, and being around so many people that are driven by different reasons to do the same things I want to do, all knowing the journey it takes to get there. It was reassuring and motivating to get to know people that are going through it with me. 




Grand Marshal:
Christopher Gris
Term 5

Los Angeles, California, USA

Favorite SGU memory: Meeting all of my incredibly smart friends and experiencing anatomy lab for the first time!


Grand Marshal: 

Ramy Said
Term 5

Somerset, New Jersey, USA

Favorite SGU memory: Belford Nights 

Academic Secretary:
Brooke Norton
Term 5

Bay City, Michigan, USA

Favorite SGU memory: Celebrating after exams with everyone!


Social Co-Chair:
Armaan Sobhan
Term 3/4

Boca Raton, Florida, USA

Favorite SGU memory: First cliff jump 


Social co-chair:
Kevin Dager  
Term 3/4 

Belleville, New Jersey, USA

Favorite SGU memory: Virtual pizza party with my zoom friends

UHP Co-Chair:
Shruthi Karthikeyan
Term 3/4
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Favorite SGU memory: My favorite memory at SGU was meeting all my classmates. It was really great being able to meet and connect with people from so many different backgrounds!



UHP Co-chair:
Gabriella Mboche
Term 3/4

Nairobi, Kenya

Favorite SGU memory: Going to the beach with friends

PCAG President:
Sandra Alhaj
Term 5

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Favorite SGU memory: My favorite SGU memory is yet to come! Having spent the first 4 terms online, I'm looking forward to making amazing memories this coming fall! Stay tuned…


IT Chair:
Ralph Wehmer
Term 5

Houston, Texas, USA
Favorite SGU memory: My favorite moments at SGU have been when I've been able to explore the country. There's a lot of interesting things out there. Recently I got to see a leatherback turtle lay eggs.