Dodgeball Tournament

Date: 2017-10-06

Venue: Student Center Basketball Courts, True Blue Campus



Dodgeball Rules

Rules of Play:


  • Each team is comprised of no more than 8 players

  • Each game will have a maximum time limit of 10 minutes, or until the other team is eliminated (THIS RULE WILL BE HEAVILY ENFORCED DUE TO THE HIGH NUMBER OF TEAMS PLAYING THIS TERM AND THE SHORT TIME FRAME WE HAVE THE COURTS BOOKED)

    • Head referees will announce a two-minute warning

    • This is an important rule that will be enforced in order to prevent the losing team with 1 player from collecting balls in the corner and prolonging play. Furthermore, this enables a smoother rate of play.

  • The start of each game will begin with everyone BEHIND the baseline. After the initial sprint to collect balls from the center line, all players with a ball must retreat back to the baseline before throwing.

  • The referee dictates who is out, NOT YOU

Eliminating the Opposing Players

A player is out if:

  • They get hit by a ball thrown by the other team

    • Saving rule: If a player gets hit by a ball, the ball bounces off them, and a teammate catches it before it hits the ground, then nobody is out (neither the player who was hit, nor the the player who threw the ball).

    • Players may use the ball to block; however, if the ball is knocked out of their hand while blocking, they will be out. The thrown ball is dead as soon as it hits the “blocking” ball.

  • They throw a ball that is caught by the other team

    • The player who caught the ball gets to bring back one player from his team who is out

  • They cross the centerline

    • If you cross the line and throw the ball, you will be out and your ball will be dead

A player is not out if:

  • Their ball is caught off the wall/fence

  • They get hit above the shoulders

Out of bounds

  • A ball that hits the wall/fence or leaves the court is considered dead and out of play until someone picks it up and throws it




The referees will know the rules, and their decision is final. ANY arguing with the referees may result in you being considered OUT.



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