Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

Membership Requirements:

To be accepted into the IEA Honor Medical Society, one must possess a Weighted Mean Percentage Grade (WMPG) of 90%. This WMPG must be maintained through graduation in order to retain IEA status.  Only Basic Sciences scores will count towards the WMPG requirements for entry into IEA.  The final WMPG score that will count is after Term 5 and the last opportunity to apply is at the start of Year 3 during Clinical Rotations.

If an applicant or member fails or "decels" a course (or rotation) for any reason other than confirmed medical reasons, he/she will no longer qualify for IEA membership and will be notified for dismissal.

Maintaining IEA Status:

To remain in IEA, each member must maintain over 90% WMPG until graduation (WMPG may be different if you matriculated before August 2014).  Members who fall below the WMPG requirement will be placed on suspension.  During this period the member will not have active IEA status, therefore the Honor Points, meetings and other IEA activity requirements will not apply.  Members on suspension have 1 term to return their WMPG back to 90% and will be dismissed if they do not have minimum WMPG by the end of the term.  During Clinical Rotations, the WMPG of each member will not be checked until graduation.  At graduation, members who have met all the requirements of IEA will graduate with IEA cords while members who do not have the minimum 90% WMPG will be dismissed.

Members who have been placed on suspension in their first year of Clinical Rotations because the Term 5 WMPG was below 90% must email Dr. Lucy Clunes a transcript at the end of that term demonstrating the minimum WMPG requirement has been met in order to regain active IEA status.

Please note that WMPG percentages will not be rounded.  This means that even a WMPG of 89.9% is below the minimum requirements of IEA.


Honor Points:

IEA members are required to perform community services in accordance to the society's mission statement. Honor Points are awarded to acknowledge participation in such activities.

All Basic Sciences students in Grenada and North Umbria must acquire a minimum of 4 Honor Points per term with  2 Honor Points awarded for academic activities and 2 Honor Points awarded for social activities. IEA members can no longer fulfill all 4 Honor Points per term with only academic activities. IEA members in Grenada are also required to attend all the general meetings. December 15th is the deadline for Honor Point submission for the Fall Term.  

Please note that for Basic Science IEA members all Honor Point hours must come from the approved list of activities. Approval of community service activities to fulfill Social Hours is determined by the direct benefits of said activities for the benefit of the Grenadian community. Any Social or Academic activities not listed under the approved list of events must be pre-approved by IEA, or it may not be eligible to count towards the Honor Point requirements.

Students in Clinical Rotations are required to acquire a minimum of 8 Honor Points per year with no restrictions on the type of community service performed. The deadline for Honor Point submission for students in Clinical Rotations is March 31st of each year.

Active IEA Members who do not meet the Honor Points requirement for a given term or fail to attend the meetings without a valid excuse will be placed on probation for the following term.  During that term, members on probation are required to obtain twice as many Honor Points for that term.  For example, a Basic Sciences student in Grenada who only has 2 Honor Points in Term 2 will be required to acquire 8 Honor Points in Term 3/4.  For members in Clinical Rotations, failure to acquire 8 Honor Points in third year means that 16 Honor Points are needed in fourth year to maintain IEA status.  Members on probation who fail to meet this requirement will be dismissed from IEA the following term.

Please note that there can be no probation period for members who are in their fourth year and do not meet the Honor Points requirements by graduation.  Members who are in this situation will automatically be dismissed from IEA and will not receive IEA cords at graduation.  To avoid this, please be mindful of the March 31st deadline for Honor Points submissions.

For further inquires, feel free to contact the executive board at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.