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Over 25,000 EC raised to promote health and humanity in Grenada

Get Grenada Swimming
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Dodgeball Tournament
Charity Pong
Collaboration between IEA, Neuroscience, & Surgery
Spring 2020 Induction Dinner
IEA faculty advisor Dr. Lucy Clunes
Spring 2020 Induction Dinner
IEA E-board
IEA Diabetes Clinic - Fall 2018 (1/2)
IEA Diabetes Clinic - Fall 2018 (2/2)
IEA IMCQ sessions
Weekly sessions with student-written questions
World Suicide Prevention Day
Light a Candle Event
Fall 2018 Induction Ceremony (1/3)
Fall 2018 Induction Ceremony (2/3)
A look back on 25 years of excellence
In 2017 IEA turned 25. A booklet marking the occasion looks back on the impact of IEA and also to the future sucesses of our members and how to get there.
Scholarship for Raelon Pierre
IEA teamed up with OSO (Orphan Student Organization) to raise funds for Raelon, a resident of Father Mulligan's home in Grenada

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Fall 2020 E-Board

President Pooja Shah
Vice President Nicholas Hawkes
Secretary Andrew Fisher
Treasurer Jheanelle Gregory
Grand Marshal Carley Greco
Grand Marshal Gia Fontanazza
Grand Marshal Yasmeen Elsayed
Grand Marshal Konstantina Kostara
Academic Secretary Akash Gupta
Social Co-Chair Selma Janbey
Social Co-Chair Savannah Nichols
UHP Co-Chair Brady Hernandez
UHP Co-Chair Namratha Guruvaiah
PCAG President Makenna Allen
IT Chair Sameel Ahmed
Faculty Advisor Dr. Lucy Clunes